Outpatient cataract surgery

Blurry vision

Cataract is the a kind of aged diseases. The lens in the eye becomes opaque and you find difficulty in seeing especially far objects.As the cataract becomes severe, you feel difficulty in even reading books.
The left is the image seen through normal eye, and the right is through cataract.



When should I decide to receive surgery ?

  • If you think you want see better, we recommend surgery
  • Visit our clinic at least 5 days prior to the surgery
  • The vision, corneal reflection, axial length of the eye, and fundus are examined
  • If you have other physical diseases, we make contacts with your general practitioner

How is cataract surgery proceeded ?

phacoemulsification under topical anesthesia

We perform outpatient cataract surgery since 1987. The features of our cataract surgery are as follows:

  • under topical anesthesia: no injection is done
  • an anesthesiologist is with us: he can treat sudden physical change
  • total surgical time is 10 to 15 minutes in most cases

Bio clean room

We do surgery in bio clean room where floaters are very few in the air to prevent contamination.

Certified Aneshtesiologist

Patients recieve the consultation of an anesthesilolgist before surgery.
Adequate treatment will be done when patients feel some physical anxiety.

What kinds of IOLs are used ?

mono focal silicone lens

We usually use silicone monofocal IOL (intraocular lens).
It can be inserted through 2.5mm incision so minimum astigmatism will occur.

シリコン製眼内レンズ Silicone IOL

multifocal lens

If you don’t want to wear glasses in daily life, multifocal lens is one of the choices. You can see both far and near things without glasses, but contrast will decrease more than monofocal lenses. Patients should meet the requirements below to have multifocal lense implantation.

  • patients should not have other ocular diseases such as glaucoma nor retinal disease
  • patiens should not have strong astigmatism
  • patiets don’t have to see too fine objects
  • patients don’t want to wear glasses

Goverment insurance does not cover multifocal lens so extra 360,000 Yen is neccessary besides regular surgery fee.

多焦点レンズ Multifocal IOL

toric lens

Astigmatism is one of the causes of double vision. You cannont see things clearly, and will be tired with astigmatic eye. So, strong astigmatism had better to be corrected.

乱視用眼内レンズ Toric IOL