What is Glaucoma ?

No.2 cause of blindness

Glaucoma is a diesease that the optic nerve is damaged due to high ocular pressure, and eventually visual field becomes narrower and narrower. Once the optic nerve is damaged, it can never be restored. So, early diagnosis and early treatment is necessary.
When untreated, it causes loss of vision.

What is the normal range of eye pressure ?

It used to be said that normal eye pressure is under 21mmHg. But glaucoma develops even if the eye pressure is below 21mmHg. So, when you are diagnosed as glaucoma, to lower the eye pressure by 20% is neccessary.

Signs and Symptoms

Optic nerve becomes atrophic

The photo on the left shows the normal optic nerve. When glaucoma develops it becomes whitish and atrophic as the photo on the right.



Visual field becomes narrower

As the optic nerve becomes damaged, visual field becomes narrow, but initially there is no symptoms. As the glaucoma progress, the visual field becomes narrower and narrower. The right picture shows the restricted visual field of a glaucoma patient



Treatment is aimed to lower the eye pressure.

Eye drops

The initial treatment of glaucoma is eye drops. There are many kinds of eyedrops and one to three kinds are choosed by the eye pressyre and severity of glaucoma.



When the eye pressure is still high or loss of visual field develops even if eye drops are used, surgery should be considered. Below is the eye after glaucoma surgery. The aquaous water in the eye is lead out and forms a bleb.